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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the toolkit include?

The toolkit is a two-disc set that includes the full-length feature film in English, French, Spanish and closed captioned, licensed for educational screenings only, the complete teacher’s guide, all companion videos, and downloadable files for classroom use.

2. Does the $5 price include shipping?

Yes, the $5 price includes the toolkit and domestic shipping and handling.

3. What about private and parochial schools?

ASCE has pledged to place the toolkit in every public school in the U.S., including charter schools and schools on U.S. military bases operated by the Department of Defense. If you wish to donate a toolkit to a school that is not public, please fill in this form. The $5 all-inclusive cost is the same as for public schools.

4. What about schools outside the U.S.?

For international distribution, complete this form and your order will be processed separately. Toolkits for non-U.S. locations will not be shipped to schools but only to the purchaser's address. The cost will be $5 USD plus actual shipping and may vary based on location.

5. What about schools on U.S. Military Bases?

Schools on U.S. military bases will be able to receive a copy, but all will be shipped in bulk - please use the general fund to send toolkits to these schools.

6. Can I also buy one of the toolkits for my personal use?

Sorry, no. The toolkit includes a copy of the film licensed for educational use only. A copy of the film licensed for home viewing can be streamed on Netflix (starting July 2018) or purchased from ASCE or from Amazon (starting August 2018).

7. Instead of a DVD, why not provide a streaming version to reach all schools?

Netflix streaming includes educational rights. However, many schools and school districts do not enable or allow streaming feature-length high-definition films. Also, the toolkit contains the teacher’s guide and other useful resources.

8. Will we be recognized as the sponsor on the toolkit?

Toolkits fulfilled by ASCE cannot be custom-labeled to recognize sponsors. If you wish to label the toolkit to recognize your contribution, we will ship the toolkit directly to you. You will be responsible for labeling and delivering the toolkit to the schools of your choice. A label template will be provided. You can also send a letter to the school alerting them of your contribution.

9. Is my contribution tax-deductible? Will I receive a receipt?

Your tax advisor can advise whether your contribution qualifies for a tax deduction. Your purchase confirmation will serve as your receipt.

10. The school I would like to support has already been sponsored. Is there another way to contribute?

Please consider purchasing a toolkit for general distribution to help us reach every school.

Make a general contribution

11. I would like to work directly with my local school instead of just sending the toolkit. Can you suggest a way to do that?

Yes! We recommend that you reach out to your school’s STEM coordinator, principal or parent/teacher organization to discuss ways to get involved. Visiting the classroom, contributing materials for hands-on activities, or organizing a Family Engineering Night are all good ideas. There are resources available for teachers and engineers at www.discovere.org/dreambig.

12. Do I need to be an ASCE member to purchase a DVD for a school?

You do not need to be a member or already have an account to purchase DVDs for schools. You may use your existing ASCE login if you already have one, or you can create an account upon arrival at the login screen:

Use the link highlighted to create a new account if you do not already have one

13. Why does the confirmation say the DVDs will be shipped to me instead of the school?

Due to the configuration of the secure shopping cart, all confirmations will show the purchaser’s address as the shipping address. Unless you specifically opted to “Ship to me” when adding schools to the shopping cart, all DVDs will be shipped directly to the school, no matter what is displayed at this point in the purchase process or email confirmation.

14. What about universities and other non-profit educational organizations?

This offer is limited to K-12 or pre-university schools. Universities and other educational organizations are not eligible. Each ASCE student chapter will receive a complimentary toolkit.

15. What if I want to place a bulk order?

For orders over 10 DVDs, please call Customer Service on: (800) 548-ASCE (2723) or +1 (703) 295-6300

16. Is there another way besides online that I can purchase a DVD for a school? 

If you would prefer not to purchase a DVD for a school via our secure shopping site, please call customer service on: (800) 548-ASCE (2723) or +1 (703) 295-6300  

Terms and Conditions

The Dream Big educational toolkit is licensed for educational use only. Personal use and commercial screenings are strictly prohibited. The Dream Big feature film is a copyrighted work and may not be duplicated, copied, loaned, rented, sold, or uploaded. ASCE will make every effort to ensure that your contribution supports the school of your choice. In the event of duplicate orders, contributions will be used to serve schools that are still in need. Distribution will begin in fall 2018, except where prohibited by existing theatrical leases.